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Interpretation of dream: Girdle

A girdle represents spiritual wisdom, strength and power. Its appearance in dreams indicates we are progressing in the right direction, with some degree of protection. The girdle is a length of material which symbolizes time, yet, because it encircles the body, it also symbolizes completeness. It thus represents the inevitability of life and death. Like a belt, in dreams a girdle can represent an insignia of honour or of power, but perhaps of a more intuitive feminine kind. Mythologically, the magical girdle of Aphrodite had the power to influence desire. For those who have an interest in magic and magical practices, the cingulum or witch?s girdle - in itself a magical tool - will often appear in dreams. In a woman?s dream the girdle may depict her sense of her own femininity, for instance when she feels bound or constricted by it. In a mans dream it is more likely to show his understanding of his power over his own life. You might also like to consult the entries for Belt, Magic/Magician, Witch and Wizard.