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Interpretation of dream: Jewels

From a spiritual point of view, gems and jewels have always had esoteric significance. The understanding and use of gems and jewels can greatly enhance personal development. In most dreams it is the better-known stones which appear, but when the lesser-known ones are seen, there is much benefit to be gained by learning more on a conscious level. Many stones have healing properties. If, in dreams, the jewels are set - made up into wearable articles - we are aware of some of the uses of whatever the jewel signifies. For instance, to find an emerald ring might suggest that we have completed one of the stages of growth towards immortality. There are different interpretations for each gemstone, and opinions do vary. The significances of some well-known jewels and gems that have particular relevance in dreams are: Agate (black) - symbolizes wealth, courage, assurance and vigour; (red) peace, spiritual love of good, health, prosperity and longevity. Amber - represents crystallized light. There is an element of magnetism in it. Amethyst - is the healing gem. Connecting us with the spiritual, it represents the influence of dreams and also humility, peace of mind, faith, self-restraint and acceptance. Aquamarine - mbodies the qualities of hope, youth and health. Beryl - is believed to hold within it happiness, hope and eternal youthfulness. Bloodstone - holds the qualities of peace and understanding. It is also reputed to grant all wishes. Carnelian - highlights friendship, courage, self-confidence and health. Chrysolite - represents wisdom, discretion, tact and prudence. Chrysoprase - symbolizes gaiety and unconditional happiness. It is also the symbol of joy. Crystal - symbolizes purity, simplicity and magical power. Diamond - has a number of influences: light, life, the sun, durability, incorruptibility, loyalty, sincerity and innocence. Emerald - embraces immortality, hope, youth, faithfulness and also the beauty of spring. Garnet - can help energy levels and indicates devotion, loyalty and grace. Jade - represents ?all that is supremely excellent, the yang power of the joyful heavens. Jasper - holds the qualities of joy and happiness. Jet - is usually associated with darker emotions such as grief and mourning, although it also controls safety within a journey. Lapis Lazuli - is a favourable stone said to evoke divine favour, success and the ability to show perseverance. Lodestone - holds within it the qualities of integrity and honesty; and is also said to influence virility. Moonstone/Selenite - symbolizes the moon and its magical qualities, tenderness and the romantic lovers. Onyx - is for perspicacity, sincerity, spiritual strength and conjugal happiness. Opal - not only represents fidelity, but also religious fervour, prayers and assurance of spiritual beliefs. Pearl - symbolizes the feminine principles of chastity and purity, and also the moon and the flow of water. Ruby - represents all that is traditionally associated with royalty; dignity, zeal, power, love, passion, beauty, longevity and invulnerability. Sapphire - holds within it worldly truth, contemplation of the universe, heavenly virtues and chastity. Topaz - holds the beauty of the Divine: goodness, faithfulness, friendship, love, sagacity. Topaz also symbolizes the sun. Tourmaline - represents inspiration and imagination as well as friendship. Turquoise - symbolizes courage - physical and spiritual - fulfilment and also success. Zircon - holds within it much worldly wisdom as well as the virtues of honour and the prestige (or otherwise) of riches. Jewels appearing in dreams almost invariably symbolize those things that we value. These may be personal qualities, our sense of integrity, our ability to be ourselves, or even our very essential being. When we feel we know what we are looking for, we are aware on some level of its value to us or others. When we simply register that we are looking for jewels, sometimes up a mountain, otherwise in a cave, we are attempting to find those parts of ourselves that we know will be of value in the future. Counting or in some way assessing them would suggest a time of reflection is needed. One system of belief suggests the following practical meanings: Amethyst - promotes healing and influences dreams. Diamond - signifies human greed, hardness of nature and what we value from a cosmic perspective. Emerald - highlights personal growth. Opal - suggests the inner world of fantasies, dreams and psychic awareness. Pearl - signifies inner beauty and value. Ruby - informs on emotions, passion and sympathies. Sapphire - highlights religious feelings. You might also like to consult the entry for Jewellery.