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Interpretation of dream: Garlic

Garlic is considered a herb of Magic. As a protective amulet, particularly against the evil eye, it is of significance against negativity. In Chinese lore it also symbolizes luck, health and many children, so in dreams may signify all of these. Garlic is now known to help all sorts of physical conditions - including strengthening the heart - and therefore protects one against fear. Dreaming of garlic may be a way of our body alerting us to a need for such protection from infection. Garlic in olden times had much significance. Because of its shape and its many parts it was often seen as a symbol of fertility; because of its smell it was seen as protection. Dreaming of garlic may, therefore, link back to either of these meanings. In practical magic, garlic is a specific against witches. As a fertility symbol a full head of garlic in a womans dream may symbolize the testicles. In a mans case such a dream is more about essential masculinity. You might also like to consult the entries for Magic/Magician, Protect/Protection and Witch.