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Interpretation of dream: Garland

A garland is symbolic of the need for dedication, either spiritually or physically. It may also represent an element of our subconscious Holiness, or rather undeveloped spirituality, which we need to acknowledge. Psychologically, a garland can represent honour and recognition and can form a link or bond with the people who honoured us. In dreams, it will be important to interpret what the garlands are made of, since this may help us to identify our best abilities; for instance, garlands of bay laurel were used to honour Apollo and his many attributes. Depending on the type of garland in the dream, we are recognizing some distinction or honour for ourselves. If we are wearing the garland, such as a Hawaiian flower garland, we are looking at various ways of making ourselves happy. We are looking at dedication, and at some way of setting ourselves apart from others. Winners in sports contests are often honoured by garlands, so in dreams these would signify competition. Consult the entries for Bridle, Flowers, Laurel/Bay Leaves and Wreath for further information.