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Interpretation of dream: Garden

A garden can represent a form of paradise, as in the Garden of Eden. We are able to allow ourselves some spiritual relaxation and life need not be too much of a trial. Dreaming of herbs in a garden is often to do with the magical and mystical. The garden is often a symbol of the wilder feminine attributes, which need to be cultivated and tamed in order to create clarity. Enclosed gardens particularly have this significance and traditionally have represented virginity. Dreaming of a garden can be fascinating because it may indicate the area of growth in our own lives, or it can be that which we are trying to cultivate in ourselves. It often represents our inner life and that which we totally appreciate about our own being. In a womans dream a garden signifies her own personal space or territory, whereas for a man it will suggest a shared space. You might also like to consult the entries for Flowers, Gardener, Magic/Magician, Paradise, Plants and Weeds.