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Interpretation of dream: Games

Spiritually, games are a form of ritualized conflict between two opposing forces. Wars and tribal localized fights were used previously by elders and priests to channel aggression. In the same way, because they are mock fights, games in dreams can be used as expressions of aggression against other people. Specific games such as football, baseball, rugby and cricket (which are team games) represent for many the strong ability to identify with a 'tribe' or a group of people. They indicate the way in which we gain identity and how we connect with people. A referee in such a game signifies the monitoring of our behaviour. In dreams, games that require the power of thought and strategy - such as chess or draughts - often give some idea of how we should be taking a situation forward. Decisions may need to be made where we have to gauge the result of our action and take into account our opponents reaction. Playing a game such as golf in our dream indicates that we are taking note of how we play the game of life. If we are playing well we may take it that we are coping well with circumstances in our lives. If we are playing badly we may need to reassess our abilities and identify which skills we need to improve in order to do things better. Consult the entries for Chess, Gambling and Win/Winning for further information.