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Interpretation of dream: Future

When we are aware of dreaming of the future we begin to understand the process of Spiritual Manifestation ? that the past creates the present and the present is the foundation for the future. Psychologically, if we are to be in control of our lives, we often need to feel that we have to be aware of the future, and dreams can give an insight into best courses of possible action. Dreams allow us to play out certain scenarios, to explore possibilities without coming to any harm. There are several aspects to dreaming about the future. We may be aware within the dream itself that the events will take place in the future and are usually to do with actions we need to take in waking life. We also may have precognitive dreams, which is when we dream of events - sometimes symbolically - before they take place, and then recognize that we already have the information: we 'knew' about it. The past, present and future coexist side by side, as it were, and it is possible to ?read? these records in the dream state. Our experience of them is subjective, although we are in the position of observers.