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Interpretation of dream: Fruit

Almost inevitably fruit suggests creativity and a natural growth process towards the spiritual. Psychologically, when we have worked hard we ought to be able to recognize the fruits of our labour. Dreaming of fruit in this way indicates that we have succeeded in what we set out to do. Below are some symbolisms of various fruits. The apple is a symbol of nourishment and growth to maturity of the intuitive Self. The apricot symbolizes self-fertilization and, therefore, the androgynous. Berries in general signify a good harvest and also peace. Blackberries denote sorrow and arrogance, said to date from when Lucifer fell into a bush when he was sent to Earth from Heaven. Cherries are thought to represent youth and innocence and sometimes even virginity. Cranberries stand for the earth?s abundance, yet tinged with bitterness and responsibility. The orange is a wish for good fortune. The pineapple is known in some societies as 'anana' or ?excellent fruit, and displays wealth. The pomegranate symbolizes fertility; it was the fruit offered to Persephone to tempt her to remain as Queen of the Underworld. Quince is a symbol of love and happiness. Raspberries denote kindness. The strawberry, as the only fruit to carry its seeds on the surface, signifies honesty and love. To dream of fruit, particularly in a bowl, very often indicates the culmination of actions that we have taken in the past. We have been able to 'harvest' the past and to make a new beginning for ourselves. Unripe fruit suggests that a plan or project has not yet reached a point where it can be used. Rotting fruit suggests that we have missed an opportunity. You might also like to consult the entry for Food.