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Interpretation of dream: Frontier

Spiritually, as a frontier is a borderland, we have a new experiences and explorations of the unknown ahead of us. This may lead to new ways of living and being. Psychologically when we cross from one way of life to another - such as changing from puberty to adulthood or from middle age to old age - we need to depict this by creating an actual marker. In dreams, for a frontier to appear it means crossing a barrier within ourselves. Initially a frontier was a military term signifying the front line of foot soldiers, so the idea of strategy and planning is appropriate. To dream of crossing a border or frontier from one place to another represents making great changes in life, actively instigating a change from one state to another, into unknown territory. Perhaps we are taking ourselves from the past to the future, or causing other people round us to make those changes. You might also like to consult the entry for Border.