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Interpretation of dream: Frog

The frog is a well-known symbol of transformation and transmutation. The Chinese money frog in feng shui (literally the science of wind and water) is a mythical creature, which is said to appear every full moon near homes that will receive good news of increased wealth or monetary gain. For this reason many homes will have a figurine depicting Chan Chu, as it is known, and this will appear as a dream image. The frog is a symbol of fertility and eroticism. In dreams it is also representative of a perhaps slightly unpleasant aspect of character that can be changed. This image is seen in myths and legends where the frog becomes a prince. Many people associate the frog with a visible growth pattern, which mirrors the growth to maturity of the human being. In dreams, to see a frog at a particular stage of its growth depicts the feeling we have about ourselves. For instance, to see it at the stage where it has grown its back legs would suggest that we capable of moving forward in leaps and bounds You might like to consult the entries for Frog and Reptiles in Animals.