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Interpretation of dream: Forest

The forest symbolizes the psyche and the hidden realms, the place of original experience. The dark or enchanted forest that very often appears as an image in fairy tales and dreams is a threshold symbol. It is the soul entering the areas it has never explored before, working with intuition and with our own ability to sense and feel what is going on around us. Dreaming of forests or a group of trees usually means entering the realms of the feminine. A forest is often a place of testing and initiation. It is always to do with coming to terms with our emotional self, of understanding the secrets of our own nature or of our own spiritual world. We may find that a dream of forests can be interpreted as being lost and unable to find direction. As conservation of the earth?s resources becomes more of an issue, the forest becomes synonymous with our care of the land. Traditionally women tend to be more in touch with their own inner resources so a forest in a woman?s dream suggests her exploration of these resources. In a mans dream, dreaming of a forest suggests an aspect of his hero?s journey through his own hidden and perhaps more frightening sensitivities. You might also like to consult the entries for Trees and Wood.