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Interpretation of dream: Footprints

We may be aware, on a subconscious level, of a Divine presence. This we may follow or perhaps feel supported by. Interestingly if the footprints are of bare feet we need simplicity, if the feet are shod then a more sophisticated approach is called for. In dreams, if we see footprints going in opposite directions, we need to consider carefully what has happened in the past and what is going to happen in the future. We are standing in the here and now and must consider the confusion of the present, how it may affect our future and what choices we must make. We also need to consider what actions we have initiated in the past that will enable us to move into the future. To see footprints in a dream indicates that we need to follow someone or their way of being. If those footprints are stretching in front of us, there is help available to us in the future, in the sense that someone has experienced similar circumstances. If the footsteps are behind us or seem to be our own then perhaps we need to look at the way we have acted in the past, who we have affected and what we still need to be responsible for. Also consult the entry for Foot/Feet in Body.