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Interpretation of dream: Food

Food in dreams always symbolizes spiritual sustenance - what we need to continue on our journey through life. Our need - or enjoyment - of food fulfils certain psychological needs. The meanings of various foods are as follows: Bread - we are looking at our experiences and our basic needs. Unleavened breads, such as chappatis, matzos, pancakes and tortillas, have symbolic importance in a number of religions. Fancy breads can show a recognition of cultural diversity. Cake - sensual enjoyment and celebration is represented in dreams by cakes. Chocolate - as something considered to be the food of the gods and of the spirits, chocolate suggests sensuality and enjoyment and freedom from the mundane. Fruits - the potential for prosperity is shown in dreams as ripe fruit. The results of our efforts and experiences - the fruits of our labour - can be represented in dream form by fruit. The colour can also be significant. Ham/Cured Meat - our need for preservation of the status quo is represented by cured meats. Meals - depending on whether we are eating in a group or alone, meals can indicate the desire for acceptance by our peers, sociability, a fear of not being part of a greater whole, or a need to be alone. Meat - physical or worldly satisfaction or needs are shown often in dreams as meat. At one time raw meat supposedly signified impending misfortune, although today it is more likely to represent the need to make sure we are fully prepared for impending activities. Milk - as a basic food, milk will always signify simple nurturing and giving to oneself. Onion - that we all have different levels, or layers, to our personalities is often shown in dreams as an onion. If we are peeling an onion we perhaps need to examine each part of our personality. Picnic - the informal nature of a picnic tends to represent freedom, connection with nature and choice. Sweets - these tend to represent sensual pleasure, cosseting and the sweetness of life. Vegetables - our basic needs and material satisfaction are represented in dreams by vegetables. They also suggest the goodness we can take from the Earth and situations around us. The colour may also be important. Food signifies a satisfaction of our needs whether those are physical, mental or spiritual. It is something we might take or are taking into ourselves. Frequent dreams about eating suggest a great hunger for something, not necessarily food. Food that is mouldy suggests that we are seeking sustenance in the wrong fashion or from the wrong direction. Consult the entries for Bread, Cakes, Colour, Eat/Eating, Fruit, Nourishment and Onion for further clarification.