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Interpretation of dream: Follow

We are aware of either the need for, or the recognition of, 'discipleship' in life. In undertaking our own spiritual development there is a path that we must follow. When we dream of being followed we need to identify if what is following us is negative or positive. If it is negative, we need to deal with past fears, doubts or memories. If positive, we must recognize our need to take the initiative, or to identify what drives us. If we are following someone or something in a dream we may need a cause or crusade to help give us a sense of identity. We are looking for leadership or are aware that we can be influenced by other people. It also indicates that, particularly in a work situation, we are perhaps more comfortable in a secondary position rather than out in front. In previous times and in many cultures the woman generally followed the man. When this image surfaces in a woman?s dream she must look at how she feels subservient. In a mans dream he will become aware that he is adopting a protective, more assertive role.