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Interpretation of dream: Flying

Flight is a common image when seeking spiritual freedom. To be flying upwards is to be moving towards a more spiritual appreciation of our lives, while to be flying downwards is to be making an attempt to understand the subconscious and all that entails. Flying in dreams denotes freedom from physical inhibitions and is a recognized aspect of astral travel - the soul?s ability to transcend its physical existence - and of lucid dreaming. In the latter, until proficiency is gained, the realization that we are flying is enough to have us lose the ability. Conventionally to dream of flying is to do with sex and sexuality, but it would probably be more accurate to look at it in terms of lack of inhibition and freedom. We are releasing ourselves from limitations that we may impose on ourselves. Consult the entries for Aeroplane and Wings as well as the sections on Journey and Transport for further information.