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Interpretation of dream: Fiend

Technically the opposite of friend, a fiend is a manifestation of Satan as the enemy of mankind. In dreams a fiend can symbolize the enemy within, that part of us that resists spiritual development. We may be afraid of our own passions, anger and fear. As a fiery creature and initially a symbol for evil, the fiend is a manifestation of those emotions. It is possible in dreams to confront such a creature. To dream of a fiend or devil usually means that we have got to come to terms with a part of ourselves that is frightening and unknown. We need to confront this part and make it work for us rather than against us. In a womans dream a fiend may manifest as all the unexpressed frustration that she is experiencing. In a man?s dream such a figure will be more overtly aggressive. Also consult the entries for Demon, Devil and Imp.