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Interpretation of dream: Feather

Feathers, particularly white ones, are said to symbolize the Heavens and messages from the Angelic realms and the Soul. Spiritual triumph is shown by a display of plumage. Feathers often represent flight to other parts of the Self, and because of their connection with the wind and the air, can represent our more spiritual side. A birds plumage is its protection, but it is also its power and strength. Used in this sense, it is alerting us to the fact that we can use our own strength and ability to achieve what we want to do in the future. Feathers in a dream could denote softness and lightness, perhaps a more gentle approach to a situation. We may need to look at the truth within the particular situation and to recognize that we need to be calmer in what we are doing. In a dream, plumage being drawn to our attention can often stand for a display of power and strength. It may also be a signal of defiance; we need to stand firm and show our colours.