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Interpretation of dream: Fasting

Fasting is a very old way of bringing about a change in consciousness, and also a move towards self-realization through resistance to temptation. It is considered to be the most powerful spiritual discipline there is, but should not be indulged in in everyday life without properly qualified support. Dreaming of fasting suggests that some kind of spiritual discipline may be required. Dreams while actively fasting can be particularly vivid or lurid. If we have what we consider to be a grievance, self-denial may manifest as the image of fasting (doing without sustenance). This may be the psyche?s way of making this grievance known. Deliberately depriving the body of sustenance in a dream may be an attempt to come to terms with some perceived trauma, such as a lack of love, or to draw attention to the need for cleansing in some way. You might like to consult the entries for Eat/Eating, Famine, Food and Nourishment for additional clarification.