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Interpretation of dream: Fame

Spiritually, fame suggests the need to accept our own integrity, our ability to be ourselves under all conditions. The Ego - our sense of individual existence ? is a very powerful tool and the human beings need for recognition arises from this. If we are trying to make decisions as to how to move forward within our lives, we have to recognize our potential to stand out in a crowd ? or not as the case may be. To dream of fame allows us to crystallize our attitude to our own unique sense of being. Dreaming of being famous, or of achieving fame within a chosen field, signifies that we ourselves need to recognize and give ourselves credit for our own abilities. In waking life we may be relatively shy, but in dreams we can often achieve things we would not believe we were capable of. Often such a dream gives us the courage to attempt what seems impossible. You might also like to consult the entries for Celebrity and Famous People.