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Interpretation of dream: Fairy

Fairies are a specific group of otherworldly beings with mystical abilities found in most folklore, particularly in Celtic and Teutonic tales. Usually known for being mischievous, it is this aspect that becomes important for us in dreams. As a branch of Neopaganism the increase of belief in fairies may well lead to a greater awareness and appreciation of these nature spirits and their qualities. As archetypal figures they may appear more frequently in dreams. Fairies are known to be capricious, and on a psychological level they may represent the side of our being that does not wish to be controlled, and wishes to have the freedom to react and be spontaneous. Because fairies are representations of the elemental forces of nature, for them to appear in a dream signifies our connection with those forces within ourselves. There is a need for control, otherwise the mischievous side in us can run riot. Consult the entry for Nymph for additional information.