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Interpretation of dream: Fabulous beasts
Fabulous beasts

Fearsome and terrifying powers of nature were often previously represented as fabulous creatures. In addition, they were given animalistic qualities. Learning to control these qualities within ourselves is a large part of the spiritual development which can take place through dreams. Given the freedom to create, the mind can produce both the fantastic and the grotesque, particularly in dreams. There are many combinations which are possible and we, therefore, have an almost unlimited potential to use our creative abilities. By and large, the appearance of fabulous beasts is the result of trying to reconcile two apparently diverse polarities. In dream imagery, in order to draw the dreamers attention to certain qualities, fabulous beasts are shown as having dual characteristics. The centaur represents the combination of man with beast whilst the minotaur does the reverse - that of beast with man. These combinations are intended to show that we are able to combine two basic principles. The unicorn has its horn representing mysticism, the griffin has the qualities of both the lion and the eagle. These representations are of the best qualities of masculinity and femininity. Only the purest of women (the virgin) can tame the unicorn and only the bravest of men can tame thegriffin. (It is sometimes said that only the female griffin has wings, yet the griffin is also said to draw the chariot of Nemesis, goddess of justice, across the sky.)