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Interpretation of dream: Embryo

The core of physical being is the embryo, a union of masculine and feminine principles. This therefore symbolizes the centre of Creation. We are linking back to conception, to a point where life begins and takes on meaning. We may need to look at the process of becoming consciously knowledgeable of all that we are or can be. To dream of an embryo or foetus is to become aware of an extremely vulnerable part of ourselves. We may also be making ourselves aware of a new situation in our lives, one which has not got beyond a germ of an idea. Since a woman is more intimately concerned with the formation of an embryo, her dreams may be more connected with the processes of development rather than the existence of a child. In a man?s dream an embryo need not have the symbolism of a foetus, but rather the rudiments of an idea. Also consult the entry for Baby in People.