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Interpretation of dream: Eat

There is a belief that we are reputed to become what we eat, so to feed ourselves spiritually we perhaps should eat the best food possible, putting ourselves as much in touch with nature as possible. This can have a holistic effect on us, putting us more closely in touch with our own spirituality, often through dreams. Dreaming of eating may denote that we lack some basic nutrient or feedback in our lives. To not eat or refuse food indicates an avoidance of growth and change. We may be attempting to isolate ourselves from others or be in conflict with ourselves over our body image. Being eaten in a dream signifies we are aware of being attacked by our own - or possibly other peoples - emotions and fears or by our internal drives. Being eaten by a wild animal shows the likelihood of us being consumed by our more basic, animal nature. To be eating in a dream shows that one is attempting to satisfy one?s needs or hunger. Hunger is a basic drive and we need to realize that only once such a drive is met can we move forward to satisfying our more aesthetic needs. Consult the entries for Devour, Food and Nourishment for further information.