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Interpretation of dream: Earth

Earth is the Great Mother and is synonymous with fertility. An earthquake represents Spiritual upheaval. We all have the need to be grounded and practical but need support to be so. If we find ourselves under or trapped by earth in dreams it shows we need to be more aware of, and understand, our unconscious drives and habits. Old opinions, attitudes and relationships may be breaking up and causing concern. When we are conscious of an earthquake, our basic emotional stability will have been called into question. Dreaming of an earthquake alerts us to an inner insecurity with which we must deal before it overwhelms us. There is great inner change and growth taking place, which could cause upheaval. To dream of the planet Earth is to take account of the supportive network we have in place and those attitudes and relationships we take for granted. We are searching for some kind ofparental love or social order. Soft earth particularly links with the need for mothering or tactile contact. Symbols and images relating to earthiness and the nurturing of others will be more likely to appear in a woman?s dream than in a man?s. Equally, as the earth is put more at risk, men will be likely to recognize the destructive element within themselves. Consult Archetypes in the Introduction for fuller information on the Great Mother.