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Interpretation of dream: Demolition

Fanaticism and anarchy (a need to break down or destroy an old order) can be demonstrated by demolition in a dream. Spiritually the idea of using the old debris as a foundation for the new is seen in the image of the Tower in the Tarot. We may be conscious of a build-up of emotional energy within us, which can only be handled by a breakdown of old attitudes and approaches. The 'debris' left behind after such a breakdown needs sorting through to discover what needs to be retained and what discarded. It rather depends on the circumstances in the dream whether demolition highlights major changes in the dreamer?s life, or a self-inflicted trauma. If we are deliberately destroying something or carrying out the demolition we need to be in control, but if someone else is in charge we may feel powerless in the face of change. The debris in this case symbolizes the fall-out from such changes. Large amounts signify major adjustments are necessary. Consult the entry for Ruin/Ruins for further information.