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Interpretation of dream: Death

Death is a transition from an awareness of the gross physical to the more spiritual self. It signifies the unseen aspect of life; omniscience, spiritual rebirth; resurrection and reintegration. To dream of our own death suggests that we are exploring our own feelings about death or our retreat from the challenge of life. The sensation of leaving the body is an aspect of the changes in consciousness necessary for a fuller understanding of the spiritual dimension. On an intellectual level we are becoming conscious of potentials we may have missed or not expressed fully and because of this we are no longer able to make use of them. We need to be sensitive to our ability to resurrect these talents. A change of awareness is taking place, and we may be going through some 'rite of passage' such as puberty to adulthood, maturity to old age and so on. Our own death can often be used in dreams to explore our perception of others feelings about us. Traditionally to dream of death indicated the possibility of a birth or a change in circumstances in ones own life or that of people around. Because in the past death held great fear, it also represented calamity, in the sense that nothing would ever be the same again. It was something that had to be experienced and endured rather than understood. In these present times, as peoples attitudes change, death in a dream indicates a challenge we must confront. We need to adjust our approach to life and to accept that there can be a new beginning if we have courage. Also consult the entries for Coffin, Dead People and Grave.