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Interpretation of dream: Day

A certain date or day could point to information about a spiritual festival or anniversary that we have subconsciously retained and that may have relevance for us. When we dream of a day passing, or register that time has passed, we are alerting ourselves to the fact that we need to gauge time in some activity, or that action needs to be taken first before a second thing can happen. Very often the psyche gives us information in dreams which is precognitive and it is possible to be alerted to particularly important events in dream form. Time has no real meaning in dreams, so to note that time is measurable suggests that we are contemplating the validity of our lives. In dreams, a day may also represent a much longer period of time than first thought. When a particular date is highlighted in a dream, we are either being reminded of something particularly significant - or possibly traumatic - in our lives or perhaps to consider the symbolism of the numbers contained in the date itself. Consult the entries for Numbers and Time for more information.