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Interpretation of dream: Dart

As with any penetrative weapon, a dart is seen as strength, control and capability. In a spiritual sense it also suggests focus. Since it requires expertise and practice to throw darts successfully, in dreams playing darts also suggests discipline and concentration. It is thought that the game arose in the Middle Ages when bored soldiers took to hurling arrows at the upturned covers of wine barrels, perhaps seeing who could come closest to the cork bung. The shortened form of arrow became the dart, and a slice of tree trunk the target. Darts can symbolize harsh words deliberately intended to hurt or a way of bringing something to our notice which needs understanding. In a womans dream a dart may be seen as a direct approach from the masculine or perhaps her own attitude to achievement. In a mans dream it is more likely to be seen as a recreational pastime, or his ability to get straight to the point. You might also like to consult the entry for Arrow.