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Interpretation of dream: Damage

Damage from a spiritual perspective can be very subtle, so to dream of an article, which is damaged, suggests some kind of difficulty or misperception.A chipped vase, for instance, might signify a difficulty in perceiving the feminine correctly. To be damaging an object in dreams suggests a strong sense of perhaps misplaced aggression. Other images in your dream should help to clarify the interpretation. If we dream of damaged articles it may be worthwhile exploring our self-esteem in waking life. A broken bone may suggest we need to look at the way we create structure in our lives, whereas a damaged door might signify a lack of self-respect. Damage to the self, as in self-harm, in both mens and womens dreams, signifies a lack of self-appreciation. For a man, losing a limb highlights his sense of emasculation, whereas cutting into the flesh, particularly for a woman, signifies a release from pain.