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Interpretation of dream: Dagger

In dreams the dagger represents an age-old instrument of blood sacrifice. Spiritually, of course, such sacrifice is no longer valid under any circumstances. If we find the dagger is turned on us in a dream we need to beware of the likelihood of self-sacrifice. Psychologically, to be penetrated by any sharp instrument in a dream is usually to do with our masculine energy and at the same time often refers to our feelings about sexuality. When a dagger appears in a dream, the meaning can either be aggressive or defensive. If you are using the dagger to attack someone then you may be trying to cut out a part of yourself or trying to get rid of something you do not like. Being stabbed highlights our vulnerability. As with any weapon in a man?s dream, the dagger represents his developing assertive behaviour, whereas in a woman?s dream it will be more to do with her drives or her Animus. Consult the entries for Knife and Weapons for further information.