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Interpretation of dream: Cup

The feminine awareness of the draught of life, immortality and plenty is intuitively and sensitively used. The cup has much of the symbolism of the chalice, indicating a receptive state which accepts intuitive information. If we are open to the more feminine side, we are able to both give and receive help and assistance. The cup often signifies happiness or joy. An offering or opportunity is being offered in everyday matters which we would do well to identify. Often the feminine is offering an opportunity from the unconscious. To some extent the interpretation depends on what kind of cup is depicted. An ordinary teacup or mug for instance focuses on mundane matters and - for a woman - her feelings about domestic concerns. In a mans dream the emphasis is more likely to be on his feelings about his wife, family and happiness. Consult the entries for Chalice, Trophy and Win/Winning for further clarification.