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Interpretation of dream: Crossroads

A crossroads is a magical but dangerous space, full of spiritual potential, since we can go in any direction which seems appropriate. In times gone by shrines were erected at crossroads. We are in a situation where two opposing forces are coming together, not in conflict but in harmony. Many magical spells are dissipated at crossroads when they are thrown to the four winds. This image in dreams is therefore very powerful. Dreaming of crossroads indicates that we are going to have to make choices in our lives, often to do with career or life changes. We perhaps need to be aware of where we have come from in order to make intelligent decisions. Often, to turn left at crossroads can indicate taking the wrong route, though it can indicate the more intuitive path. To turn right can obviously mean taking the correct path, but can also mean making logical decisions. You might also like to consult the entries for Journey and Position.