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Interpretation of dream: Crime

A crime or criminal in spiritual terms signifies an offence against spiritual law. We all have a part of ourselves which dislikes external control. Committing a crime in dreams may be a form of rebellion. To observe a criminal at work is to recognize the potential for wrong-doing. Criminal activity offends against both personal integrity and the laws of society. When we consider the other aspects of the dream scenario we will appreciate any adjustments which need to be made in our everyday activities. Consult the entries for Court and Justice to enhance your understanding. CROCODILE Liberation from the limitations of the world is symbolized by the crocodile. Though we are consumed by our fear of death, or perhaps the death process. we must work through this fear in order to come to terms with physical death. Understanding brings liberation. To see a crocodile in dreams forewarns of hidden danger. We should beware of poor decision-making. To dream of crocodiles, or indeed any reptile, indicates we are looking at the frightening lower aspects of our nature. We may feel we have no control over these, and it would therefore be very easy to be devoured by them. In the Egyptian story of Isis and Osiris the crocodile god is said to have swallowed Osiris manhood. In a mans dream, therefore, the crocodile can symbolize emasculation. In a womans dream it is more likely to represent an aspect of negative masculinity. Also consult the entry for Reptiles in Animals.