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Interpretation of dream: Cooking

Cooking can symbolize creativity. There is a delightful fable which tells how God baked the various ethnic races into being. To be able to move forward in our lives we may need to blend certain parts of our existence in new and original ways in order to succeed. We may need to nurture a new ability. This is often brought to our attention by dreams of cooking. To be cooking in a dream is to be preparing nourishment or to be satisfying a hunger, whether our own or other peoples. This may not simply be a physical hunger, but something more subtle such as a need to make use of the varied opportunities available to us. In a womans dream cooking may suggest work-a-day activities as well as domestic ones, a metaphor for the way she constructs a project. A mans dream may be a way of refocusing on a creative problem. You might like to consult the entries for Bake/Baker/Bakery, Food and Hunger.