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Interpretation of dream: Communication

Any tool of communication - telephone, mobile or cellphone, email, fax machine, computer, internet, television - suggests that the veil between the spiritual and physical worlds can be penetrated. We are capable of better and wider communication than previously. The computer can symbolize spiritual records and the past, present and future. A database would, for instance, suggest the ordering of information. Text messaging might suggest brief but necessary information, whereas a fax, being slightly outdated, requires us to bring what we know up to date. The telephone signifies communication with unseen people and might therefore highlight communication with the spirit world. The television is, quite literally, a medium through which information is passed. The internet will tend to signify wider, more global, communication and available information. Communication occurs on so many levels that images of modern technology can now accurately mimic in dreams the way we communicate. A stored document suggests that we are making a link with past memories or stored information which we may need to access in order to progress. The computer and other high technology images are now such a part of peoples lives that it very much depends on other circumstances in the dream as to the correct interpretation of the image. A computer crashing, for instance, suggests that there is a problem with the means of communication rather than communication itself. As modern day technology spreads, such an image may simply be a means of conveying a message from the unconscious to the conscious mind, whereas in other cases it will be a reminder of personal potential or abilities. A keyboard, requiring a certain degree of skill, can suggest the stages of proficiency we need to acquire in order to communicate our ideas efficiently. Also consult the entries for Email, Telephone, Text and Web.