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Interpretation of dream: Colours

Colour affirms the existence of light. In spiritual terms, red is the colour of self-image and sexuality, orange is relationship - both with ourselves and others. Yellow is the emotional self, green is self-awareness and blue is self-expression and wisdom. Indigo is the colour of creativity, while violet depicts cosmic responsibility. Pure white suggests absolute spirituality. The symbolism of colour is very relevant in dreams since we know that these colours are not physically produced, but are a mental image. Colour is a vital part of symbolism, dream and otherwise. By learning to work with our own colour spectrum, particularly in the dream state, we can maintain and enhance our physical wellbeing. This is partly to do with the vibratory frequency which each individual colour has, and partly to do with tradition. Experiments have been carried out to ascertain what effect colour has, and have proved what occultists and healers have always known. In working with the colours of the rainbow, we discover that the warm, lively colours - which give back light - are yellow, orange and red. Cold passive colours are blue, indigo and violet. Green is a synthesis of both warmth and cold. White light holds within it the whole colour spectrum and its potential.