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Interpretation of dream: Clover

The three-leaved clover is an example of body, soul and spirit, or any representation of the triad of divinity such as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The four-leaved clover includes the feminine principle, and therefore the quaternity which predates the Christian religion. We need to look at our ability to bring the various parts of our personality back into harmony with one another. The four-leaved clover symbolizes the balance of the Ego functions: thinking, sensing, feeling and intuition. Traditionally the clover plant is considered to be lucky, so to find clover in a dream denotes good fortune is on its way. The three-leaved clover suggests the past, the present and the future. In a womans dream clover generally highlights the psyche and her intuitive abilities. In a mans dream the focus will be on his ability to use his talents to the full.