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Interpretation of dream: Clothes

Clothes can suggest spiritual protection. For instance, certain types of clothes will highlight roles and status. The priest?s habit or judges robes are two such examples. Clothes often act as a form of protection, particularly against being touched. This protection may also be against having our real self violated. Clothes can also conceal or reveal: in covering up nudity they conceal our perceived imperfections and, by implication, disguise our sexuality. In revealing certain parts of our bodies our dreams may show in what ways we are vulnerable. The clothes we wear in a dream can often depict the facade, or persona, we create for other people. We have certain roles that we adopt in response to others reactions. Clothes which others are wearing in our dreams can also set the scene for an acting out of some of the confrontations which take place. Some common images which have particular relevance are: Getting undressed can suggest the shedding of old beliefs and inhibitions whereas losing ones clothes or being naked highlights our vulnerability and fears. Dressing inappropriately, perhaps wearing formal clothes on a casual occasion and vice versa, shows we are conscious of our own difficulty in 'fitting in' with other people. It will depend on the dream scenario whether we are surprised or distressed, and it is often the emotion that we experience which gives us the correct interpretation. We may be deliberately not conforming to others perception of us, or trying to conform too much in adopting a certain role. The colour of the clothing is often significant. Clothes being worn by someone to whom they do not belong indicate there is confusion in the our mind as to which roles are appropriate for each character. If a man is wearing womans clothing it shows that we need to be more conscious of our feminine side. A uniform on a woman highlights the need to be aware of the more disciplined and masculine side of our personality. If we are changing clothes we are attempting, or perhaps need to consider how, to change our image. Clothes that have been cut short indicate that we may be outgrowing former pleasures and need to look to pastures new for our entertainment, whereas particularly pretty clothes show we have much to appreciate in our lives. If we are aware that clothes belonging to a particular person then we are being reminded of that person, even though we are aware that they cannot necessarily be with us.