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Interpretation of dream: Chest

Pandora?s Box and the story of how negativity was released into the world is the best example of a box image on a spiritual level. A chest or box represents all those things we suppress or want to keep hidden, sometimes the darker side of ourselves, sometimes aspects that we have not yet explored. We need to be aware that care must be taken when first exploring the spiritual. Emotionally, we need to give some limitation to our feelings and secret desires. In dreams a box - whether plain or otherwise - will show how we handle life. When the chest area is highlighted in the body our attention is being drawn to our ability to love and care for others. A chest or box appearing in a dream delineates the way we keep hidden or store our emotions. Additionally, our most important ideals and hopes may need to be kept secret. It may also show the best in us; our best insights. A jewel box signifies that which needs to be kept safe and only made use of when appropriate.