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Interpretation of dream: Cauldron

Spiritually the cauldron symbolizes renewal and rebirth. Many folk tales use the symbolism of cooking to represent the making of mankind. A cauldron can also represent the womb. Psychologically, when a cauldron appears in a dream we may need to take note of our intuitive abilities, or of our ability to create new things from simple ingredients. Almost universally the cauldron represents abundance, sustenance and nourishment. By association, the magic cauldron suggests fertility and the feminine power of transformation. To dream of a cauldron, therefore, reconnects us with our basic principles. Originally the cauldron was round-bottomed, thus reinforcing the symbolism of the womb. In a womans dream it therefore suggests transformation often brought about by her own power. In a mans dream he is more likely to use power beyond himself. You might also like to consult the entry for Kettle.