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Interpretation of dream: Caterpillar

The symbol of a caterpillar is of metamorphosis or the spiritual potential, largely unrecognized, which must transmute into something more beautiful. We must change and grow from what we are now into a different way of being. To dream of caterpillars would indicate that we need to remain flexible in our attitude to change. Also, because of the caterpillar?s association with creeping things, it may represent evil or difficulty. The caterpillar appearing in a dream usually indicates that we are undergoing some form of major change. We may be being warned that we must undergo a complete upheaval before we can achieve our goal. There may well then be a period of transition or apparent stasis. The caterpillar is a recognizable first symbol of the growth process. In a womans dream it may represent an awareness of a potential pregnancy whereas for a boy such an image suggests his emerging sexuality. In a mans dream a caterpillar signifies the commencement of a journey of discovery about his spirituality.