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Interpretation of dream: Cards

Cards of any type signify visual communication and the ability to convey a message spiritually. The Tarot - our Inner Truth - can be used as images in dream work. To dream of giving or receiving a card such as a birthday card alerts us to the need for a specific kind of communication, perhaps celebrating our own or others? good fortune and luck. On a psychological level, card playing in a dream can be seen as taking calculated risks and alerting us to potential danger. Generally, our subconscious may be registering concern, either about ourselves or others. Business cards convey the idea that we are happy to give other people information about ourselves, or to receive such information from others. Greeting cards are quite literally an acknowledgement of a special occasion. In a dream, playing cards highlight our ability to be open to opportunity or to take chances. The cards that one deals, or is dealt, in a dream may have significance as to number or suit: Hearts indicate emotion and relationship. Diamonds represent material wealth. Spades represent conflict, difficulties and obstacles. Clubs represent action, work and intelligence. The King portrays human success and mastery. The Queen indicates emotional depth, sensitivity and understanding whereas the Jack represents impetuosity, creativity or an adolescent energy. Also consult the entry for Numbers.