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Interpretation of dream: Canoe

In Polynesia the port hull of the canoe is the 'wahine' hull and the starboard is the 'Kane' hull. The spiritual symbolism is that the male and the female forces give us life and balance each other. The older symbolism is that of a lunar barque, and the crescent moon. We may be protected from our emotions, but also at risk. A degree of skill is necessary to enable us to handle what might happen and achieve the correct balance. To dream of a canoe suggests that we can only handle our emotions by becoming immersed in them. We are possibly making efforts to control or tame the flow of our emotion. We are aware that we are capable of making changes but only by our own efforts. By its association with the feminine, in a womans dream the canoe represents her place within the world. In a man?s dream it signifies the hunter and protector.