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Interpretation of dream: Burglar

Intrusion - either on a physical or material level ? is intrinsic to the idea of a burglar. Spiritually, there is a violation of our sacred space. A part of our psyche may have been neglected and left to fend for itself. It then intrudes on our awareness seeking attention. When we become aware of a burglar or intruder in our dreams we are experiencing some form of unwelcome attention. This may be from external sources or from our own inner fears and difficult emotions. Since traditionally a burglar is perceived to be masculine, in a womans dream he may represent the wayward antisocial aspect of the men around her. In a mans dream, a burglar is more likely to represent his need to control his own sense of impropriety. Also consult the entries for Intruder and Offence/Offend as well as the People section.