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Interpretation of dream: House

If we are aware that the house is not empty - that it is furnished in some way ? those articles will mirror some aspect of our character or day-to-day concerns. Also consult the individual entry for Furniture/Furnishings. Being aware of someone else in the house suggests that we may be feeling threatened by an aspect of our own personality. If there are different activities going on it indicates that there is a conflict between two parts of our personality, possibly the creative and the intellectual. Being especially aware of the front of the house portrays the facade we show to the outside world, whereas going into/out of the house indicates we need to decide whether to be more introverted or more extroverted in our dealings with other people. An impressive, awe-inspiring house indicates that we are conscious of the Self or the Soul. Dreaming of moving to a larger house shows there is need for a change in our lives, perhaps to achieve a more open way of life, or even for more space. Being outside a house depicts our more public side and how we relate to external interests. Dreaming of a small house, or the house where we were born or grew up, means we are seeking security, or perhaps the safeguards of childhood, when we had little responsibility. If we find the smallness of the house constricting, we feel we are being trapped by our responsibilities. If we are aware of work being carried out on the house (cementing, repairing etc.) it implies that relationships may need to be worked on or repaired, or perhaps we need to look at health matters. We should take note of any damage, decay or difficulty that has occurred in our lives.