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Interpretation of dream: Bridle

Spiritually, the bridle has the same connotation as a halter and suggests a degree of spiritual restraint or control. The bridle, in reining us in and keeping us focussed, can indicate the need for attention to various aspects of our lives. To be bridled in a dream indicates the need for restraint and the ability to curb an excess of energy. Being yoked suggests the need to consider more than one aspect of everyday life. We may need to work in partnership or as a team. If the bridle is made of flowers it indicates a feminine, gentle way of imposing control. If the bridling is more austere - such as one of metal and/or leather - we perhaps need to use firmness and restraint (more masculine qualities). There may also, of course, be wordplay here with the word 'bridal'. You might like to consult the entries for Halter and Harness.