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Interpretation of dream: Bridegroom

A bridegroom can represent the need to take care of another person, maybe to exert a degree of control and, in spiritual terms, to commit to the continuance of the human race. The need for partnership can sometimes be more intellectual than emotional. In connecting with the drive of the masculine we can become creative in many different ways. To dream of a bridegroom usually indicates the desire to be married or to find a partner. It often shows a willingness to be more responsible or to take on responsibility for someone else, thereby becoming more mature. It is a connection with, and an understanding of, the 'romantic' side of our nature and indicates the need for integration of the intellect and the real world. In a womans dream a bridegroom may be something of a fantasy figure, allowing her to understand the qualities she needs in a partner on a mundane level. In a mans dream, he is perhaps putting himself in touch with his finer aspects. Also consult the entries for Bride and Wedding/Wedding Dress/Wedding Ring.