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Interpretation of dream: Bride

A bride represents a change of status from the innocent maiden to a woman with responsibilities. In dreams she represents the spiritual need for, and recognition of, love, receptivity and fertility. To dream of being at a wedding, especially your own, indicates the integration of inner feeling and outer reality. We are seeking union of the unintegrated part of ourselves. We may be looking for the innocent feminine within. As marriage itself becomes less important for many, a sense of commitment is not. To dream of a bride suggests that, at some level, a commitment has been made to another human being. When a woman dreams of being a bride, she is often trying to reconcile her need for relationship and her need for independence. She needs to have an understanding of the changes in responsibility. In a mans dream, a bride indicates his understanding of the feminine, innocent part of himself. Also consult the entries for Bridegroom and Wedding/Wedding Dress/Wedding Ring.