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Interpretation of dream: Breasts

Almost inevitably from a spiritual perspective breasts represent motherhood, protection and love. Considered to be one of the most often dreamed about parts of the body, it is the symbolism of the nourishment and love belonging to motherhood that is most often understood. While intellectually we may deny the need for mothering or 'smotherlove', this need surfaces when we are under stress. It often appears as the dream image of breasts. Representing femininity, breasts are an important part of the anatomy. Dreaming of losing a breast may alert us to health matters, or indicate that we are withholding love and affection from someone. For a man to dream of breasts usually indicates his unconscious connection with his mother or the nurturing principle. For a woman, changes in size may suggest that she uses her feminine attributes in a different way. You might like to consult the entry for Body for further clarification.