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Interpretation of dream: Bow

Variously a bow can indicate superiority, the union of masculine and feminine and celebration. While intellectually we may not feel inferior, bowing in a dream shows that on an unconscious level we may actually sense someone elses need to feel superior and acknowledge that in the dream state. Such a dream could also indicate our own sense of inferiority. To perceive a bow, as in Cupids bow, can indicate the need to be loved - the union of masculine and feminine. To see a bow made of ribbon is making a connection to the feminine principle and beauty. An archery bow represents a compulsive force. When the arrow is taken to represent masculine energy, in a mans dream the bow - the actual means of propulsion ? signifies his need to succeed. In a womans dream it will suggest her need to procreate. You might like to consult the entries for Arrow and Bend/Bending.